The American Fine Art & Frame Company Story

Our services include


Art Consultation: We research for you at an hourly rate or a flat fee as to save you time with regard to all aspects with regard to artwork, sculpture, and blown glass. With our vast experience working with Interior Design companies over the years, we can place your art as per your floor plans, work in your Budget, answer questions with regard quality vs practicality when forming the actual budget.  With our experience on similar projects such as yours, will help in answering questions with regard to the number of art pieces, quality, your perceived look, and what to expect in the final cost. With that said, we will work closely with you with all parts of the project and work in the budget that you are comfortable with.

In-House Framing: We have a nationally Certified Picture Framer on staff always for those special requests for proper Conservation Mounting as not to cause a negative effect on your artwork.  We guarantee our work. We are set up in several multi-branch locations for large companies and welcome special single pieces from any person. We are open to the public with special consideration to the trade. We have thousands of picture frames on exhibit and we have been offering to frame since 1982.


Crating and Shipping:  All crating is done on our site and we use everything from FedEx to Air Group for shipping.  Depending on the size and what is being shipped. We Insure all shipments

Installation:  We offer installation on any projects in which we have framed the art.  We will also client’s location, and hung was 76’ x 8’. It was hung between the second floor and third floor of a large corporation without doing any damage to the building in that installation. Our largest client had us do over 300 branch locations and their local headquarters in one year alone. layout the art for the client before hanging if we are requested.  Our installation has been for residential, (most working with Interior Designers), Corporations, Banks, Medical Facilities, and Law Offices.  Our largest piece that was designed, built, stretched at


Communication: We are just an e-mail or phone call away to answer your questions.  

Email is checked daily after hours and usually responded to that same evening. Our showroom is open for meetings at your request.