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The corporations that we have had a privilege to supply artwork for ranged from the Associates

Corporation of North America that had their headquarters in Irving, Texas Associates Corporation of North America The corporations that we have had a privilege to supply artwork for ranged from the and branches throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada.  We supplied up to 300 branch locations in one year along with their headquarters. This lasted for several years until they were purchased by Citi-Group and were downsized. The other side of the spectrum with Medical Facilities, Banks, Law Firms, Restaurants, Insurance Companies, Mary Kay, and many more.  It was all about service and cost.

We used to supply websites to our corporate clients in which to select their artwork but what we found out over time, it was too time-consuming for our Corporate clients.  Our clients want a great selection of artwork that meets their criteria, they want framing suggestions, they want shipping/delivery and installation of their artwork – or turnkey.  Not to forget doing all at a reasonable price. It is all about service.

What we offer:

Consultation after receiving a floor plan, a proposed budget, and the placement of the artwork and the size recommendation of the artwork.  We recommend the best pieces in the Entrance, Conference room and then go from there.

We locate the artwork, place the artwork, email first and second recommendations for each area for the artwork so the client will have to say in the final product.  Frames will be pre-selected based upon style and cost to help stay on a budget, so our clients know in advance what to expect.

We have some very long-term Corporate Clients that go back almost 30 years and we continue to answer their needs and provide them with the service that they have come to expect.


Photos of projects or Hidden Marker Board or the large canvas (76’x8’) that we did for Mary Kay.

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